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Professional Development Courses

Dealing With Difficult People: The LEARN Model of Conflict Resolution

In this fun and energetic session, participants will gain a new understanding of dealing with the difficult people in their lives. Participants will gain a set of skills as well as a strategy to handle the stress created by difficult people and situations. By using these skills participants will have more time and energy, which leads to additional productivity and better attitudes about their positions within the organization. At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to L.E.A.R.N. their way through conflict. List the benefits of effectively dealing with difficult people

How to Be the Employee: Successful Companies Fight to Keep The Essentials of Personal Success

We are all perfectly engineered and designed to get the results that we are currently getting. Do you want to get more than your “fair share”? Based on the Law of Attraction, this session is designed to inspire participants to attain success through summoning their strengths to attain personal engagement. Rich has assembled this motivational program to help those that are seeking success to channel their passion into a dramatic career, and happier lives.

Is the Customer Always Right? PRECISE Customer Service

Property professionals know there is more to customer service than “the customer is always right”. Traditional customer service programs sanction employees to be “resident advocates”, but what about the best interest of the owner/investor and the employees? This program empowers behavior and decisions in customer service situations to integrate a Win-Win-Win strategy. Participants will explore tools and resources to resolve conflict, prioritize attention and determine best practices using real-life situations presented through animated interactive scenarios.

Never Say I Didn't Have Time Again: Understanding How Urgent and Important Finds You More Time

In this efficient session, participants will embrace the idea that time cannot be managed but behavior can. By embracing the need to appropriately identify what is important and what is urgent we can buy back hours of time every

day. In this program, Rich will help you tackle the “to do list” monster and to seize control of every hour of every day. He will empower you to work 40 hours again and get more done in those 40 hours than you do in your 60-hour work weeks. If you are working 12-hour days, this session is a must see for you.

Multifamily Skills Courses

NOi Strategies for the Next Generation: The Three Ps of NOi Growth

This session will walk participants through case study and application, to realize the impact of the decisions that they make every day. Rich has determined throughout his career that the Three Ps of NOi are what separate assets that have acceptable performance from the outrageously successful assets. If you are looking for ways to energize and engage your team to find exceptional results in the growth of value, then this is the session for you.

Risk Management: Protecting People, Property and Reputation

As Asset Managers, we are charged with the sometimes­ overwhelming task of protecting our property in this litigious world in which we live. In this session Rich looks at Risk Management from the view of operations, not legal. Do you want to run your business not based on fear, but based on what brings the highest and best results without accepting an enormous amount of risk? Participants in this program will leave the room with a clear understanding of determining and rationalizing risk and when to take strategic business risks.

Show Me the Money: The Journey from Property Manager to Investment Manager

This session informs participants with a unique understanding of investment management. A commanding knowledge of “value management” enables a property manager to impact the value of the investment and affect the day-to-day decision making on value. Today’s property manager is more sophisticated and possesses the ability to understand investment management strategies better than ever before. This program will help managers focus on the true goal of increasing the value of the assets they manage.

Vendors Transact While Business Partners Connect: Stop Selling and Start Connecting

We live in a competitive world, and there is no sales technique, or “silver bullet” approach to connecting with your customer. In the world of business-to-business sales, this becomes even more true. It really is time to stop selling and start connecting. In this program, participants will discover that truly connecting with their potential clients is the only real solution in B2B sales. Rich will share his simple and essential strategies for connecting with potential partners. Finally, he will share with business partners how to leverage that connection once it has been made by helping you to speak their language. It is hard enough to get the door to open, but it is critical to know what to do once you are invited in. Since Rich is a former CEO, and Independent Rental Owner, why not learn directly from your customer.

Management & Leadership Courses

Appropriate Irreverence: How To Build a Fun Company in A Not So Fun World

In a world filled with the dogma of the how companies and employees should behave, there is the opportunity for a company to push the envelope to stand amongst giants. In this appropriately irreverent session, Rich will push the boundaries of what should be to help participants discover what can be. The main thing that stands between good companies and great companies is the culture in which an employee can thrive and enjoy what they do. Attend this session and stop being successful in spite of the stuffy, boring, maybe even toxic culture that you are living in.

Avoid Extinction: Leading And Motivating Through Organizational Change

“That’s not the way we used to do it.” These are the most damaging words to progress. In this session participants learn to embrace and manage change with the “J-Curve” of change. Understanding the mechanics of change will help participants grow to not only accept change but to embrace it in their lives. This session is presented in a way that participants can immediately apply the learning outcomes in their professional and personal lives.

Hire the Best, Ditch the Rest A Simple Team Building Strategy for Exceptional Results

In this energetic session based on Rich’s book by the same name, participants will gain a new understanding team building. Participants will develop the skills to create an exceptional team by identifying each employee with the “12 Types” of employees. This interactive way of evaluating team members will allow participants to quickly identify which team members are “toxic” to the team and which members are “producers”. This interactive session is informational, inspirational, and entertaining.

The Twelve Cs of An Exceptional Leader Decoding The Leadership Puzzle

In this interactive program based on the book by Rich, participants will navigate the Twelve Cs of Leadership utilizing contemporary movie clips and discussion. Rich will share the habits he learned and processes to which he became addicted have enabled him to thrive. Leaders and aspiring leaders will be able to discover which of the C’s are their own personal strengths and gain an understanding of how they can leverage these strengths into a more powerful leadership brand.

Centered Leadership: Leading From the Middle of Your Organization

If you have a boss and you are a boss, then you are a middle manager. It is exhausting to lead from the middle. In this session participants will obtain the skills to not only lead down and laterally, but learn the important skill set of leading up. Rich will share the seven skillsets necessary to be an effective ‘centered leader’.  This thought provoking and inspiring session challenges the way we think about our roles regardless of our title.

Ten Keys to a Happy Workplace: An Open Letter to Leaders and Managers Everywhere

The culture of a workplace is the same as its personality. As with people, personalities can be good, bad, or ugly. In this session, Rich has taken comments from thousands of employees that he has interviewed over the years and assembled the top answers in an “open letter” to supervisors, managers, and leaders everywhere. Rich will guide participants through the hard truths of what employees need to be happy at work.

Compliance-Based Courses

Some Will, Some Won't, I Might: Ethics For Property Management Professionals

Participants in this informative yet entertaining session will explore ethics as it relates to the multi-family industry. Attendees will navigate through ethical situations that face them every day and obtain the ability to identify the subtler ethical dilemmas that they will encounter. This program will arm participants with the analytical skills to avoid the potential pitfalls that these ethical situations pose and maintain the courage to do the right thing.

Keepin' It Fair: Fair Housing for Everyone on Your Team

Take the fear out of Fair Housing laws through better understanding of their creation, purpose, and implementation. In this Fair Housing program, Rich will cover the basics of Fair Housing for all levels of the multi-family industry. This program is designed for new hires and can be used as a refresher course for veteran industry professionals as well. The course content will help the learner understand what issues, questions, comments, and requests could be governed by fair housing guidelines.

Diversely Similar: What Makes Us Different Is What Makes Us Stronger

In this program, participants gain a new understanding of diversity in the workplace as it relates to co-workers and customers. Participants will gain an awareness of where they are personally on the diversity continuum and will gain tools to further embrace what makes us all different and unique. This diversity program produces very thoughtful outcomes for participants to encourage leveraging what makes them different versus fighting against those same differences.

Harassment Awareness and Prevention: Treating Everyone with Courtesy, Dignity and Respect

Harassment – This is not a “How To” seminar. Workplace harassment whether it is sexual, cultural, racial, or any other reason is illegal. Participants in this session will embrace the need to remove hostility from their workplaces. Are you committed to creating a workplace environment that is free of bias, prejudice, and harassment – an environment that supports, nurtures and rewards career advancement on the basis of ability and performance? Then this is the session for you.

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