A Sample of our Course Offerings

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -- Mahatma Ghandi "

NOI Coach Workshops create awareness of issues and can start the process of change, but sometimes it takes more than just awareness to fix the problem. That’s why NOI Coach offers the most advanced and up-to-date training programs on the market today!!!


Never Say "I Didn't Have Time" Again

Understand how urgent and important finds you more time.

Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Risk Management

Protecting people, property and reputation.

Appropriate Irreverence

How to build a fun company in a not so fun world.

Keeping It Fair!

Fair housing for everyone on your team.

Is The Customer Always Right?

PRECISE customer service.

Diversely Similar

What makes us different is what makes us stronger.

Ten Keys To A Happy Workplace

An open letter to leaders and managers everywhere.

Some Will, Some Won't, I Might

Ethics for property management professionals.

Hire The Best, Ditch The Rest

A simple team building strategy for exceptional results.

The Twelve C's Of An Exceptional Leader

The leadership puzzle decoded.

Avoid Extinction

Leading and motivating through organizational change

Show Me The Money!

The journey from property manager to investment manager.

Dealing With Difficult People

The LEARN model of conflict resolution.